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  • adeline_gonzalez

Frugal Fashion

New York fashion week runways. The cover of magazines. The dressed mannequins in the windows, all of them dressed in the best clothing offered.

What does a person do if they have good taste in clothing and desire to keep up with the latest trends while also maintaining a budget?

Being in college has put me in a position to think more critically about whether or not my clothes are sustainable, cost effective, and still trendy.

I have broken it down to three steps to help a person shop fashionably for less.

Step 1: When clothing no longer fits or isn’t “you” anymore, try selling it to your friends for a little extra side cash. Or, you can even donate it to a charitable organization for a tax return. Regardless, removing the clothes you no longer have use for and sending them back into the world is sustainable and allows you to explore your fashionable freedom.

Step 2: Thrifting, thrifting, thrifting! As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. From you local secondhand shops all the way to major chains like Goodwill, I guarantee you’ll find something that you like. Fashion isn’t necessarily about what is trending or what brand the tag reads. Everything you buy at a secondhand store will be unique to you. While you may have to comb through a few racks of bowling shirts and hunting gear, I promise you’ll find something worth your while.

Step 3: Try upcycling your clothing! Maybe all that outdated pair of jeans needs is a little extra bling and flair. Take a trip to your local craft store and just have fun with it. After all, fashion is meant to be fun and an expression of who you are! This blog post gives a lot of great ideas and tips on how to make your clothing new to you again.

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