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Cold-Hearted Cleaner

It's been a long week, possibly the longest of your life. The windows are smudged. Makeup is scattered. Dirty dishes pile into a magnificent tower. Cups and cans randomly find their way into every possible crevasse. The bathroom... oh the bathroom. The bathroom looks like a portal to Hell.

Where does the motivation come to clean? I mean, it's not like anyone is coming over. Your home is "just a little messy."

This is where I come in, the cold-hearted cleaner. It's time for constructive criticism and tangible steps.

Everyone makes a space dirty, but it's up to YOU to clean up after yourself. I'm going to help you out. Don't worry!

1. Fuel your body

You need to eat, whether it's pizza that was left out from last night or DoorDashing a burrito, you're in for a lot of moving. It's critical you eat something...and maybe some coffee.

2. Find your playlist

If you don't clean with music, you are missing out. If you can blast it throughout your home, go for it. If you need to wear earbuds, go for it. Just find songs that get you moving and motivated. You could also phone a friend or start that new show on Netflix, you've been pushing off. I prefer music and this is what I usually listen to on Apple Music: room/pl.91e52263dec54a389e6b1836712e8b64

3. If you are cleaning more than just a room, start with the kitchen/living room. If you are only cleaning your room, start with making your bed.

Tidying up larger areas first, makes the space fell cleaner quicker, and gives more motivation to continue. Then, follow with the smaller areas. This will make the cleaning and decluttering feel more manageable. I am an advocate for doing laundry throughout the cleaning process.

4. Light a candle or crack a window!

You're all done. I'm so proud of you!!

Until your next mess,

the cold-hearted cleaner

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