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For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about people. I thrive when I am developing relationships, finding common interests, hearing others share their stories and serving them to the best of my abilities.

It wasn't until I started my second semester of college that I found out how I could turn my passion for people into a long-term fulfilling career. Being enrolled at Taylor University and on track to receive my BA degree in the Spring of 2022 for Public Relations, has not being a simple journey, but worth every step along the way. Public Relations has always been such a huge part of my identity.

My academic achievements, creative perspective and ever-growing knowledge about this field have prepared me to be a successful PR practitioner. I am comfortable with quick-moving environments and adapt to new situations. I can multi-task numerous projects, while still completing them well. I am a learner and continue to expand my knowledge every single day.

In my free time, I enjoy keeping up with the latest shows and trending topics, writing poetry, practicing makeup artistry, finding fashionable articles of clothing on a budget and so much more!

In the future, I would love to be in a workplace where relationships are a strong part of the culture, between both co-workers and clients. I want to be in a place where the work being done is impacting the world through positive change. 

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